Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zoya Maya

Hey lovely ladies!!

First, let me get this out there, Blogger has been seriously the worst lately and just isnt letting me respond to comments >:(. I promise I have been reading them and will respond as soon as blogger lets me. I seriously love when you guys leave comments because you guys leave great tips and suggestions!! So please dont stop!!! I will make it up to you guys with a giveaway that includes lots of HOLOS!!!! Okay now onto the polish :)

Today I have for you my first Zoya polish. Now I have to admit, I have about ten different bottles of Zoya nail polishes but just never really tried them out because they were at the back of my stash. After seeing different Zoya posts from lots of bloggers I decided to finally get them out to play. I have been doing a lot of funky/darker manicures lately so I wanted to go for something summery. I don't usually where pinks but when I saw this color I knew I had to make an exception. This is the most juicy jellybeanie grapefruity color ever, it is just so yummy and I got about a million comments on it which always feels good! The application was amazing I could have honestly gotten away with one coat but I didnt expect that so my first coat was sloppy. The formula just glided on no pulling at the cuticle or patchy spots. I seriously cannot rave about this polish enough. I did hear that using SV on Zoyas was a bad idea so I just used my OPI DS Top Coat and the OPI drip dry to make it dry faster and it really didnt take that long and it worked out great!!! Onto the pictures, the pictures are pulling slightly more orange than in real life (its slightly pinker). Click to enlarge :)

 The color on my ring finger in the photo above and in the bottle is about as close to the actual color as my camera would take. For some reason it just did not want to take a picture of the right color!
See how juicy looking it is!! I LOVE it!!

If you guys are looking for the perfect summer color this is it!! It also made my skin look really tan which was definitly a plus. The last great thing about this was the staying power, I am on day three right now with basically zero tip wear and no chips!! Thats amazing especially considering how rough my summer job is on my hands!! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and look forward to some more Zoyas soon, as I loved this one!



  1. omgg!! this color is stunning!!! zoya is a great brand!

  2. i seriously am obsessed with it!! every time i see the pics i just wanna put the same polish on again!!!!