Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lacquer Lover: Non-Polish plea for help

I saw this just a few minutes ago and knew that I had to share it on my blog as well. This is truly an amazing story. Please check on Lacquer Lover's blog and the dogs blog to see his journey as well!
Lacquer Lover: Non-Polish plea for help: "Ok so this is supposed to be a nail polish blog about my adventures in the world of nail lacquers. But, as you may have noticed, I mention d..."

NOTD OPI DS Original

Hey there! I hope everyone is doing well.
Today I'm bringing you a nail of the day with OPI DS Original. I think this was discontinued a while ago...the good ones always are, but I'm pretty sure eBay sellers still have it online.
I can't even begin how to describe this color to you its a purply, lilac holo that is just like a rainbow in the sun or light. Even in the shade you can still pick up the holo.
DS Original is one of those colors that everyone wishes nail polish companies still made often. If your reading this nail companies bring the holographic colors back!!

Unfortunately, there is never sun here in Ohio so I had to take the following pictures with artificial lighting, it still looks beautiful but there is nothing like seeing it on a sunny summer day.
This post may be slightly pic heavy but its just such a beautiful polish I felt it would be okay :)
A blurry pic because I thought it may help capture the rainbow effect. This polish applies like a dream it only took two coats and it was even with no bald spots as some holos will get. I used OPI natural nail strengthening base coat and seche vite as a top coat.

I would definitely say this is more of a linear holo than a scattered holo. It is just so darn beautiful. Click on the pics to enlarge them and see the holo even better.
I hope you all enjoyed this post. :) Have a great rest of your night! Talk to you soon!!!

XO Sam

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Milani One Coat Glitter In Silver Dazzle

Hi everyone!!
Welcome back, today I thought that I would show you a nail polish that I've had for a while but continue to love.
Its called Silver Dazzle and its one of Milani's one coat glitters that came out this past winter/new year. It is nothing near a usual silver glitter though. Its a gray, silver, with a blue tint, and some black glitter. It is unreal! It looks incredibly 3D because of the variation in colors.
I believe they do still sell these at CVS, but if not I checked and as of right now they still have some on eBay for pretty reasonable pricing. That is where I get a lot of my nail polishes and have never had any problems.
Although the bottle says one coat, I chose to do two thin coats so that it was more manageable. As usual, glitters can be hard to work with but this one really paid off. I love it!
I hope that you all enjoyed. Thanks for reading!!
xo Sam

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Blog Post!!!

Welcome to my blog :) The Real Polish Princess.
My real name is Sam and I'm a real nail polish lover. Ever since I was little my mom would take me to get my nails done and it was the biggest treat in the world, the first time was after a shot when I was four and I didn't cry. It doesnt get any better than that!!
I had never been big on buying my own nail polish up until about a year ago, I would just go to the salon and get them done. I was getting my nails done and decided to stray away from my usual french and go for an actual color. I chose Blue My Mind and when I saw the finished product I immediatley went and bought it at BeautyFirst and I never looked back.
Luckily, I work at a gym with a salon so we get big discounts on products such as OPI and Essie, best job ever! I do have a pretty large collection at this point but there is always room for more. :)
I try to stick mainly to the brands that dont test on animals but I must say that occasionally I get a color from a brand that does.
Anyway, I thought that my first post should be about the color that started it all. Blue my Mind by OPI. This was the picture of the original manicure, I had acrylic back then but have since removed that and gone with natural nails so that I could paint them more often :) I hope that you all enjoy!! Please leave comments and links to your beauty blog!!