Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Blog Post!!!

Welcome to my blog :) The Real Polish Princess.
My real name is Sam and I'm a real nail polish lover. Ever since I was little my mom would take me to get my nails done and it was the biggest treat in the world, the first time was after a shot when I was four and I didn't cry. It doesnt get any better than that!!
I had never been big on buying my own nail polish up until about a year ago, I would just go to the salon and get them done. I was getting my nails done and decided to stray away from my usual french and go for an actual color. I chose Blue My Mind and when I saw the finished product I immediatley went and bought it at BeautyFirst and I never looked back.
Luckily, I work at a gym with a salon so we get big discounts on products such as OPI and Essie, best job ever! I do have a pretty large collection at this point but there is always room for more. :)
I try to stick mainly to the brands that dont test on animals but I must say that occasionally I get a color from a brand that does.
Anyway, I thought that my first post should be about the color that started it all. Blue my Mind by OPI. This was the picture of the original manicure, I had acrylic back then but have since removed that and gone with natural nails so that I could paint them more often :) I hope that you all enjoy!! Please leave comments and links to your beauty blog!!


  1. Welcome to the blogging community. I have that OPI nail polish color to its really hard for me to buy OPI in Ireland I have to order online and its kind of pricey. I would love to try Essie nail polish. Do you like Essie is it good quality?

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! Good luck with your new blog!

  3. Ashley thank you!! Have you ever looked on ebay to see how prices were there? If you ever want to swap or want me to buy you some here and then ship them to you through paypal I would always be happy to do that! Gotta spread the nail polish love around the world!! And yes I love essie they actaully are one of the best polishes that I have used, they like never chip on me so if those are more readily available to you I would definintaly get some!!! And I am now following your blogg :))))

  4. Hello (from Switzerland) and welcome to the nailosphere Sam !

    I'm sure you'll enjoy blogging. I'm a blogger since the beginning of the year and I have to say it's so fun, you get to interact with a lot of amazing people all around the world.

    Blue My Mind looks gorgeous ! I wish I could live in the US and have access to all the great american brands... OPI and Essie are overpriced here but I can resist ;)

    Take care


  5. Welcome to the nail blogging world! I'm fairly new myself to the nail-blogosphere but it looks like you've got a great start :)

    My blog is at: http://laquerlover.blogspot.com/

  6. Hey Sam,

    Thanks so much for your awesomely sweet package with exactly the polishes I was lemming. You're too kind! I became a follower of your blog and reading up your posts. Welcome to the lacqueristasphere!

  7. Welcome to blogging! I am also starting my own blog and I look forward to seeing someone else grow along side of me :-)


  8. Welcome :)! I really like that color, need to add it to my collection ASAP <3


  9. Welcome to the blogging world.....I'm new too and I have to say it's quite fun....take a peak