Thursday, July 7, 2011

NOTD Zoya Bela

Hey lovelies!

Today I have for you another Zoya that I got because of seeing it in the movie Black Swan. When I was watching the movie, being the polish lover that I am, of course I noticed the nail polish bottle in the one seen and had to have it and find out what it was. It was Zoya's Bela and it fit perfectly with the ballerina look.

When I put the first coat on I thought to myself, "oh gosh, this is so sheer no one is even going to notice it". When I put on the second coat it surprised me and actually had quite a bit of coverage and then by the third coat it was mostly opaque. Sooo, basically you could use this as a sheer wash of color alone or for a french mani but you can also build it up to a beautiful, light, milky, jelly pink. It's a real multi-tasker. :)

It's a beautiful color and it makes for a nice break from all the crazy and bright manis I've been doing lately. Also, I should add that I used Seche Vite as my topcoat here and had no problems with it. I've read in several different places that it causes bad things to happen to an other wise great mani when used with Zoya but it looked smooth and worked as wonderful as ever for me. I hope that you guys enjoyed and let me know what you think of the color. Will you be picking it up?

Until next time!


  1. Really pretty color. Not unique, but the coverage is quite interesting...jelly-like.
    How is the durability overall?

  2. Ohh, such a beautiful color. I think I need that because it´s nice to have a light pink color on the nails that is discret on the nails.

  3. On all of the Zoya's I have tried they wear so well. By day three I get bored so I take it off with minimal tip wear. Most of the time with other polishes I have to change the color because it chipped so much. But not with ZOya and Im pretty rough on my hands. It quickly became one of my favorite brands after trying it a few weeks ago

  4. That ring is fantastic! It is stealing the show for me :)

  5. I totally agree about the great wear you get from Zoya. I bought the color lock system and it made a huge difference. Love this color! There's is something so cute and feminine about lighter colors like this.

  6. Kate, thank you!!! I actually got it from WalMart for like three dollars or something rediculous like that!!

  7. I LOVE colors like these, I call them *palate cleansers* and that's really what they do. So fresh and clean, love it! So you used three coats for the swatch?