Monday, July 18, 2011

Swap with Cathy from More Nail Polish :)

Hey everyone!!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. We had a girl just stop coming to work, no notice or anything, so I had to pick up quite a few shifts which sucked :/. Anyway, its pretty much all back to normal now so expect regular posts again!! I missed it so much.

A couple of weeks ago Cathy, from More Nail Polish, and I did a swap. She frankend me up some magnetic holos and I sent her the KleanColor chunky holos which I may have to buy myself now after seeing how beautiful the red one was on her blog. She sent me black, blue, and green magnetic holos and it was love at first sight. Naturally though, I went to put on the green one and could not, for the life of me, find a magnet anywhere! I was so set on the color though that I had to put it on anyway. You can't find a dark green holo anywhere so I was so excited about this one. Its beautiful, I think Cathy should start a polish shop :) what do you guys think? I used two coats for full opacity and gosh am I in love!!!! Click to enlarge the pics :)

I will have another post up soon of either the blue or black holo ones because I went out and bought a magnet :) I cannot wait to try them out. I am so so so in love with them!!! THANK YOUUUU so so much Cathy!!!!!! You're awesome!!!!! Talk to you guys again soon!!


  1. I think this polish is awesome! From the photos it reminds me of zoya crystal... Which I just ordered and I can't wait to try!

  2. So glad you like the colours I made up for you sweety. I can't wait to see them with the magnet too!

  3. Love this! Really gorgeous. It actually is similar to Zoya's Crystal but more aqua - Crystal is quite icy blue, and with gold microglitter - also totally beautiful.

    Would love to see the magnetic effect!