Thursday, May 26, 2011

LaRosa Green Crackle

Hello ladiess!!

How are you?? Today I have for you one of twelve crackle nail polishes that I ordered on eBay two months ago but never really had the chance to try. I believe I got the entire lot for $37.00 which was a pretty good deal considering how well they work and they come in beautiful colors. There was even a pink with holographic shimmer particles in it, its so so pretty. I'll have to post some swatches of it soon! For now though, here is their green crackle over Glitter Gals 3D Sparkle in Deep Green which I have pictures alone of here. I love it and I haven't seen a green crackle anywhere else. Enjoyy!

If you guys like it I would just head over to eBay and pick some up! They are pretty affordable compared to some of the others on the market. I'll talk to you guys soon!!


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