Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Private Jet Original

Hey ladies!!!

This was my manicure for yesterday but it was a crazy day yesterday so I am finally getting around to posting it now. When I first heard the rumors that My Private Jet was starting to look different than the original I immediately went out that day to two different beauty stores in order to buy the rest of what they had in stock which was two of the original charcoal holo versions. So, I know have three :)) My first one is almost all used up though. This is my absolute favorite color of allllll time so having the back ups makes me feel extremely happy. I would wear this color everyday but I'm afraid of using it all up ha :). I am always on the lookout for a dupe to finally come out and once I find one you guys will be the first to know. I just recently bought some polishes off an Australian website that included a black holo so once I get them I will swatch it and hopefully have great news for you guys!!

Anywayy, I normally just do one or two coats of MPJ over a standard black polish because holos can look quite patchy sometimes because of the drag. This time I just did four coats of MPJ because I wanted to see it on its own and it was just as beautiful as ever!! In the future though, I will continue to do it over black because it gives the same effect and uses less :) Now onto the insane picture spam :) click to enlarge :)

This is a black holo that is as holo and as beautiful as can be. I love it love it love it so I had to share it with you guys! What's your favorite nail polish color and what's your biggest polish lemming? I would love to know!
Have a great night guys!!!


  1. Ohh, that´s a beauty! I really would like to lay my hands on one of the orginal bottles of OPI My private jet :) I have an other one.
    My favourite nail polish is Deborah Lippmann´s Glitter in the air because it´s so unique.

  2. I havent tried any deborah lippmann polishes yet. I'll have to try them if its one of your favorites! Is the formula rather good?

  3. I have only two Lippmann polishes and the formula on these two are great but it´s two glitters :) I love glitter even through it´s a pain to get them of the nails.
    Glitter in the air is very light and needs a base color or a lots of coats but that doesn´t matter because it´s a beauty!

  4. This one is a lemming of mine since the first swatch of it I've seen

  5. You should check out the glitter gal black holo polish that I just did a post about. It is literally exactly the same!!!!!!