Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chanel Paradoxal vs. Barry M Dusky Mauve

Hey guys, I hope your weekends are going well!!!
Today I'll be comparing Chanel's Paradoxal and Barry M Dusky Mauve and I must say that I was very surprised, in a good way! I know many bloggers have compared the two but I thought I'd add my opinion to the bunch :) Please excuse the poor polish job :( I was in a rush because I wanted to post this tonight but now I am polishing them a different color for a friends birthday party this evening.
Indirect Artificial Light
 Left To Right: Barry M, Chanel, Barry M, Chanel.

Camera with Flash
 Top to bottom: Barry M, Chanel, Barry M, Chanel

Another picture with flash, same order as above.
 This was the bag the Chanel bottle came in when I ordered it off there website a couple weeks ago, it just made it feel so luxurious ha :)
As you can see they are very similar, when not under a light you really can't see any difference unless you're looking closely. The Chanel has a slightly darker base color than the Barry M varnish. Also, the shimmer in Barry M is much more apparent all the time than the Chanel and has a slightly different tone to it then the Chanel. They are both so so beautiful but of course my favorite was the Chanel :) it better be for the fortune it costs. If you don't feel like spending the money then go for the Barry M it applied like a dream and is still very pretty. I used two coats of both polishes.
Have a good rest of the weekend everybody!!! And don't forget to leave comments so that I can go visit your blogs!!

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