Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dare to Wear: Back to Basics

Hey everyone! I hope your weekends are going well.

A couple weeks ago I was on eBay and I saw this collection and decided to try it out. I think I got it for about 20 dollars.
Anyway I wanted to try them on for you guys so that I could let you know what I think. The only polish from this collection that I had heard about before was the green called enchanted forest, it has been on a few other blogs and its as amazing as they said. Lets get on to the pictures :)

This is what the set looks like. It comes with a black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, and top coat:
This is two coats of the yellow, Yellow Twist. It applied really well especially for a yellow:
The next one is a red, True Red. It only took ONE coat to look perfect:
The next one is a blue, Ocean View. I probably could have gotten away with one coat but I did two just in case:

The last one I swatched is a green, Enchanted Forest. This is very similar to Nars Zulu just a tad lighter, you can tell its green. It took two coats:

As you can see they are basic colors but the fact that they applied so freaking well makes them a must have for me! Enchanted Forest and Ocean View were definitely my favorites but it was also nice to find a yellow that wasn't a serious pain to apply. I didn't swatch the black and white because they really are just your basic black and white. I hope that you guys enjoyed!! Make sure to leave comments if you would like! I love reading them.


  1. these colors are so pretty! definitely basic color..which we should see more often!! and btw, your nails are absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. thank you soo much :)) make sure to enter my giveaway if you're interested in it!!