Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cute nothing to do with polish post :)

Hey girlies!!

I had to post this because I have just been cracking up all day about it. My puppy Freya (she's a Bernese Mountain Dog) got groomed today and this is what she looked like when I walked into Petsmart...

Keep in mind that she is over one hundred pounds with those little pink bows in her hair, shes been prancing around ever since I picked her up. Isn't she so cute!!!!!!!!!! Ha sorry about this but she is just being so cute!!
I'll be back with another nail polish post tomorrow!


  1. Freya is gorgeous! Those bows are hilarious. I have 2 Bernese Mtn Dogs too - Cocoa and Mavi. So yeah, I have made a career out of vacuuming! lol
    Great blog, btw =)

  2. Awe really?? I love them all they are just like little bears! But you are right they shed soo much! And thank you so much i love getting comments like that, i love getting to connect with the other make up lovers