Monday, April 18, 2011

NOTD Catherine Arley 805

Hey guys!!!
A few days ago I received a few Catherine Arley nail polishes in the mail that I had ordered recently. The one that I was most excited to try was 805 because it looks similar to My Private Jet the original version.

This polish is awesome but I must say that it just doesn't have the same holo effect. If you cant get your hands on MPJ though I would definitely look into getting this one. I have the MPJ holo version that's more brown than charcoal but still very holo, I'll post a comparison pick soon. Now, onto the picture spam :) this is two coats, great application and all that stuff! Make sure to click and enlarge the pics to get the full affect!!!

As you can see, it's definitely not as holo but it still is really pretty. It's a polish that needs the sun out to fully be appreciated. Ha and sorry about my hands looking so dry and my nails being so short :( house work killed them this weekend. I hope you guys have a great night!!!


  1. I bet the sun makes it look dazzling. Have a Happy Easter :)

  2. Love your blog. And the sun really does make it look awesomeee