Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NOTD Revlon Royal

Hey there!!!
Today I tried my first Revlon nail polish. I must say that I have been a slight product snob when it came to nail polish, partly because I work at a place where I can get the expensive stuff for cheaper and partly because it just has always worked so well for me.

I finally decided to branch out though with Milani and and Revlon because of the beautiful colors that they had. The Milani was great from a couple posts ago but the Revlon was a different story.

It is a little lighter in the pictures then in real life but only slightly. Its a jelly finish and just stunning!!! I'll list below the pictures the problems I had with the polish.
 Ignore the christmas PJ's they're just so comfy!!! :)

First ill start by saying that application was hell, it just seemed to be super gummy and thick and really hard to work with. That drives me nuts because then it takes me so much longer to get the polish to lay perfectly on my finger nails and not get on my cuticles. When I finally got that all worked out the color was beautiful!! If it had been any less beautiful I would have given up but it was worth it to take the time on this one. I don't know if I'll buy any of their other colors unless I feel this way about a color because I was so disappointed with the formula. Sorry about the rant :) Hope you all enjoyed!!!
Until next time!!!
xoxo Sam


  1. I love the color. It's such a pretty british blue.

  2. OMG, i TOTALLY understand how you feel about the application. I have the polish in Lilac Pastelle and it's SOOO streaky..application is completely dreadful. And it's not even's more of a pastel pink...but Royal is such a gorgeous color on you <3

  3. Im glad someone else knows what im talking about!!! I'm going to have to see if there is a way to make them apply better. And thank you :)