Friday, April 22, 2011

DUPE Alert!!!!!!

Hey ladies!!!

I was at Target today and saw that Sonia Kashuk had brought out some new polishes, I think her line is exclusive to Target but I'm not positive about that. Of course I bought the polishes because I'm always in to try something new :). There was a pink, purple, and green. On my way home I was thinking about how excited I was to try these out and then I started to get that feeling like something was awfully familiar about the green polish. As soon as I got home I went right to my polish stash and got Essie's Sew Psyched out. I swatched them on a nail wheel....they are exactly the same, not one single difference even the slight shimmer is in both.

EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!! The only difference is that I believe the Essie one was limited edition and its TWICE THE PRICE!! Sonia Kushak's polish named Fatigued was 4.99 compared to Essie's polish which is 8 dollars a bottle. I just had to let you guys in on this in case you were lemming for this polish but didn't want to spend the 8 dollars on it. I know I wouldn't have if I had known that the Sonia Kashuk one was exactly the same.
The other thing that makes the Sonia Kashuk one better is it was a one coater! Yes you read that right it only took one coat to look absolutely perfect! If that doesn't sell you on this polish then I don't know what will.
I'm painting my nails now as I write this so I'll post pictures when I'm done!! :)
Talk to you all soon!!


  1. That is awesome! Thank for you for posting this :) I have seriously been looking for a green like that and it's been tough to find one. I don't have any Essie polish but I find it hard to pay $8 a bottle for anything other than OPI! I'm really excited to get to try this out :)

  2. I'm going to look for Fatigued. Thanks! :)

  3. Im really glad that it helped you guys out :) I was so excited to post this because I wish I would have known before! Thanks for reading!

  4. That's excellent. Fatigued is in my untrieds drawer and Sew Psyched is on my wishlist, so one lemming slain.

    Fyi, Fatigued, Violetta, Tauped, and w/e the pink one is are LE Spring colors, iirc. So, if you really like it, nab a backup. =^_^=

  5. Thanks for this--I was wondering about these two. My Fatigued looks a lot more yellow-toned in the bottle than Sew Psyched. Guess that's why we've got to swatch them. :)