Monday, April 11, 2011


Heyy chicas!! I just got some nail mail and of course immediately chose to put one of the new ones on to see what I thought. I was looking for a bit of a palette cleanser, as The Lacquerista would say, but I wanted it to have a tiny bit of an attention grabber look to it as well so I went with NARS Orgasm. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! Normally I hate pinky peachy colors but this is just so different. It's a little sheer but with 3 coats I had no visible nail line.
This is with no flash and in natural light, I live in Ohio so the sun is never out! Sorry about the greasy looking cuticles they needed some serious moisture. Gotta love lemony flutter :) This color is a peach with gold shimmer running through it. Its showing up a little oranger on camera than it is in real life but I think that's because of the gold going through it.

This picture is with flash to show of the gold that shows when the light hits it. It seriously is so so beautiful I cant even stand it. Sorry about the little burn on my hand I work in a cafe so its an occupational hazard ha :/
One slightly blurry pic so that you can see the shimmer even more. I really hate neutrals but I really recommend this color. This little guy caught my heart. I love it :) Remember its slightly peachier than its showing in these pics. Let me know what you guys think!!!


  1. Such a lovely color:)
    How's durability of Nars Overall?

  2. Never tried Nars before but this one is gorgeous ! I'll check my Nars counter really soon ;)

  3. The durability was awesome, I was very surprised when I got home from work yesterday and there wasnt even tip wear. For the price that's how it should be ha :)

  4. What is the best polish you have found as far as super durable for low price? So far I am loving Ulta's own brand of polish. I can get an easy 4 days out of it if I can resist changing for the fun of it.

    True story on the Ohio/sun thing... Indiana is the same way!